What is Call Analytics?

A tracking tool that clarifies the value of calls generated through online marketing.
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We have the right solution for you

Whether you are a company or an agency, we have the proper solution for you, when you need an overview of the value that is created through the company’s various marketing initiatives. You can easily get an overview of how many calls that are generated and whether they actually end up being a paying customer.

greater conversion with Call Analytics
various statistics in your dashboard
users rely on call tracking

From 329 DKK per month

From only 329 DKK per month we will provide you with an overall picture of.:

  • All incoming calls
  • Exact time and date for every call
  • Call duration
  • The calling phone number
  • Whether the call is generated organically or stems from a paid ad

Tracking of all calls

So far, we only support Danish telephone numbers. We are working on expanding the features so that the

whole world can benefit from them.

Get started with Call Analytics

It doesn’t take much time to install Call Analytics and it doesn’t require any special IT skills.

It’s a user-friendly system that is developed for all types of companies and agencies. Therefore, we are aware that it needs to be easy to navigate regardless of your IT skills.

  1. Pick our product 
  2. Go to the product and choose how many phone numbers you would like to use
  3. Create a subscription
  4. Log in to the website
  5. Create the specific domain by clicking on “Create domain”
  6. Insert the required information (Google Analytics ID etc.)
  7.  Choose how many phone numbers to switch between (max. the number contained in the subscription)
  8. Copy the script on the website and Google Tag Manager

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Denmark’s leading call tracking platform

You can easily and quickly access all the data that Call Analytics collects when your call tracking number is called. The system can also be integrated with an economy system, so you can get an insight into how high a turnover the various leads have generated.

At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to get a concrete overview over the calls you receive through online and offline channels. It is indispensable knowledge if you want to optimize your marketing initiatives so you get something for your money.

Call tracking

Call tracking gives you insight into what value is being created through your marketing.

Data overview

You have the full overview of the data collected about the calls, so you can get the most out of your initiatives.


We are ready to help you, if you have questions about how to get the most out of Call Analytics.

User friendly

The system is user-friendly, so you can easily find the information you need.

Try Call Analytics today

Call Tracking is a tool for tracking calls from online and offline media. You will find out exactly what makes the phone ring.

The goal is to optimize marketing channels, in order to maximize the benefits of the marketing budget.

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