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Call Analytics was started by people with a lot of experience from the agency industry. They discovered a need to register and track client calls. 

Data is always the most effective way to illustrate the results that are created through online marketing.

At Call Analytics, we know that it can be a challenge, either as an agency or a company, to really make visible the value that is actually created. 

We would like to break away from this challenge so that both company and agency can review the leads that have been made through calls. It’s valuable knowledge as it gives insight into how well the marketing budget is spent. 

Therefore, we are constantly working to make it easier for our customers to collect data on various calls, so that both time and money are spent in the most favorable way.

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Call Tracking is a tool for tracking calls from online and offline media. You will find out exactly what makes the phone ring.

The goal is to optimize marketing channels, in order to maximize the benefits of the marketing budget.


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