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Use Call Analytics to highlight the value your marketing creates to customers

As an agency, there is a strong focus on documenting the results that are created for customers through online marketing.

It is crucial that the revenue exceeds costs. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to argue that the lead and the customer were generated by you, if there is no documentation for it.

This is a situation that your agency can easily get around with Call Analytics.

Integrate Call Analytics to your financial system

You can integrate Call Analytics to your financial system.

It gives you an insight into how many of the calls resulted in a paying customer. 

It provides an overall view over the revenue made, based on the generated leads. 

From only 329 DKK per month

From only 329 per month we will provide you with an overall picture of:

  • All incoming calls 
  • Time and date for every call
  • Call duration 
  • Whether the call is answered or not 
  • Phone number from the incoming call 
  • Whether the call is generated organically or stems from a paid ad
  • Revenue made from generated leads

Call Tracking is an effective way to review leads in order to clarify if the calls have been resulting in paying customers

It provides a complete overview of all the created leads because you probably already are tracking on formulas, ads, etc. Hence, you can elucidate the value that is created through the work you do for your customers.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to see if your customers really are answering the phone. 

It is an effective way to close a possible discussion on if your clients have

trouble with seeing the value of the work being done. They can see loud and clearly what is being generated by calls.

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It’s that easy to get Call Analytics 

You can quickly get started with Call Analytics, so you no longer have to miss out on valuable data about your leads.

You have to:

  1. Pick our product 
  2. Go to the product and choose how many phone numbers you would like to use (minimum 2)
  3. Create a subscription
  4. Log in to the website
  5. Create the specific domain by clicking on “Create domain”
  6. Insert the required information (Google Analytics ID etc.)
  7.  Choose how many phone numbers to switch between (max. the number contained in the subscription)
  8. Copy the script on the website and Google Tag Manager

Try Call Analytics today

Call Tracking is a tool for tracking calls from online and offline media. You will find out exactly what makes the phone ring.

The goal is to optimize marketing channels, in order to maximize the benefits of the marketing budget.


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