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Hvad giver din markedsføring idag?

Call Analytics gives you a complete picture of your company’s calls

Do you receive many calls but lack an overview of whether they are generated by your chosen marketing initiatives or what’s actually due to the calls?

Call Analytics is an indispensable tracking and analysis tool that ensures that you have 100% control over your leads and your conversion data in Google Analytics.

You can easily see all calls and thus include that data in your overall marketing overview.

Integrate Call Analytics to your financial system

You have the option of integrating your financial system into Call Analytics, so you quickly can get an insight into how many of your leads end up as paying customers.

It gives you an overview of whether the various calls or leads are being billed.

This allows you to keep your revenue up to the budget you spend on marketing

Do you know how many calls your marketing generates?

It is so natural for us to pick up the phone when it rings and hear what the person on the other end has to say. But why is it that your particular company was being called? Is it your marketing? Is it prior knowledge? Is it a recommendation? Call Tracking?

Call Analytics can give you the answer due to the fact that you can see exactly how the different calls are generated. At the same time, you can view UTM data, so you know exactly which channel the lead is coming from.

At the same time you get relevant information such as:

  • Exact date and time for the call
  • Phone number from the incoming call
  • Whether the call is answered or not 
  • Whether the call is generated organically or stems from a paid ad.

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Lower costs and higher revenue

You also get an insight into whether you are using your marketing budget properly.

When you have online campaigns, outdoor advertising or traditional marketing initiatives going on, a lot of energy and money is put into it, it is relevant to know how many potential customers are actually calling.

It’s an effective and accurate way to clarify if you are getting the results that you are hoping for. 

It also provides an opportunity to see if, for example, it makes better sense to:

  • Turn up for Facebook
  • Reduce the budget on advertising and other initiatives
  • Distribute your marketing budget on Google and Facebook

It creates a more effective marketing where you keep your costs down but increase your revenue.

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Call Tracking is a tool for tracking calls from online and offline media. You will find out exactly what makes the phone ring.

The goal is to optimize marketing channels, in order to maximize the benefits of the marketing budget.


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